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Make NRPE talk to rsyslog

Ever wondered why switching the NRPE daemon to debug mode has no effect in any log files at all? I did, a lot of times. You may have a configuration something like this in your nrpe.cfg file: log_facility=daemon pid_file=/var/run/ server_port=5666 nrpe_user=nrpe nrpe_group=nrpe debug=1 Line 1 indicates it should log everything to the syslog daemon. […]

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NRPE and SELinux

Ever had an Unable to read output error when executing an Icinga/Nagios remote check using NRPE? I’m pretty sure you had since everyone working with NRPE will run into this error sooner or later. Most solutions are trivial (e.g. wrong file permissions) and I don’t want to repeat the few thousand posts already covering this […]

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