Service as German soldier. Regular discharge as staff sergeant of the military reserve forces

March 1996- July 1998

Vocational training at vocational school, Isny, under Professor. Dr. Grübler for assistant for Information and Communications techniques (AIK). Parallel to the that, the acquirement of an advanced technical college qualification ( Fachhochschulreife). Successful completion of both in July 1998.

October 1998-July 2002

Informatics academic studies at the University of applied sciences, Isny, under Professor . Dr. Grübler. Regular completion as graduate computer scientist with focus on software techniques

August 1999- June 2003

Function at TRIVIT AG, Ravensburg, as a software developer. There initially put in programming of add-on applications for the CAD System Pro/ Engineer. Subsequently, the creation of Java-based Intranet solutions for one of our larger customers. In each case, the integration of databases in the existing Intranet and the creation of appropriate web clients for data access was carried out. Partial operation as project leader. Conception, planning and the execution of Java training for internal employee further-training as well as external service.

July 2003-July 2004

Freelance function with focus on software development and training in the area of Java technology, Linux and Open source. Collaboration and execution of 2 projects in software development as well as a university lecturer occupation at the University of cooperative education, Stuttgart and University of applied sciences, Isny.

July 2004- November 2006

Employment at a medium sized software developer and service provider, amongst other things the collaboration with the conversion and maintenance of a larger internet presence. Furthermore, I was responsible for Continuous Integration as well as Release management and deployment on a very large software project of one of our customers

Since 2006

Freelance work with focus on deployment and configuration management of software applications. Please find all my projects here.