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Recognize Puppet Managed Files – Part 2

In the first part I’ve described the basic usage and the installation with Puppet of Chris Jones’ TangledStrings plugin for vim. You may want to refer to this post before; it’s found here: Recognize Puppet Managed Files – Part 1. Now this article is about a different way of installing the plugin with Puppet. The […]

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Automated Build of RCP Artifacts with Maven Tycho – A field report (Part 1)

This post serie should not be a tutorial for Maven Tycho. You can find many tutorials in the web (see for example [2] and [3]). This post serie should be a field report about the problems during the introduction of Maven Tycho. Why Maven Tycho? One requirement is that we can use Maven artifacts. So […]

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Removing Hosts from Stored Configurations

Once a host which has been integrated into Puppet along with stored configurations is removed again from Puppet, it has to be removed from the MySQL database which holds the data of the stored configurations as well. There’s no automatic deletion. This is not a big issue, but it might be interesting for those not […]

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