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Re-generate Nagios_service target-files

Some time ago I ran into the the problem that when having a Puppet configuration like this Nagios_service <<| |>> { target => "${baseconfigdir}/${conf_file_srvs}", } which is about collecting all stored configurations of type nagios_service, this works pretty well when executed for the first time. However, every subsequent Puppet run will not regenerate the target […]

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Removing Hosts from Stored Configurations

Once a host which has been integrated into Puppet along with stored configurations is removed again from Puppet, it has to be removed from the MySQL database which holds the data of the stored configurations as well. There’s no automatic deletion. This is not a big issue, but it might be interesting for those not […]

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Synchronizing Puppet generated Icinga configuration

The Basics One of the features of Puppet is to have so-called Stored Configurations. With those it is possible that the Puppet clients publish some of their local data back to the Puppet master. For example, it is possible for the clients to report to the master which Icinga (Nagios) check it needs like shown […]

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